US Freedom Flyers: Safety & Liability

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Major Airline Pilot Josh Yoder and the US Freedom Flyers are stepping up to lead a gigantic rogue industry back on track.

Note: This post is in honor and memory of a US soldier on the southern border who died a sudden death two days ago due to blood clots in his lungs and cardiac arrest.

Where Does Liability Land?

A multi-billion dollar corporation created a product. That product got hyped up within an environment of panic, fear-mongering, social pressure, media adoration, guilt, government pressure, and finally financial pressure. 

A pilot succumbed to that pressure, got vaccinated and boosted per his company’s coercion, and is now suffering from chest pains or neurological oddities. That pilot now faces an impossible choice. Report his medical issues, and risk losing everything he’s worked for, or keep quiet, continue flying, and pray. If he reports his concerns, he’d be grounded for an undetermined amount of time and put on medical leave, during which time he’d receive a fraction of the salary that he got from flying. The pilot chose to keep quiet for the time being. A short time later, his injuries persisted, and now he’s faced with an even more difficult choice. Having withheld the medical issues while getting into the cockpit, he put hundreds of lives at a risk that the aerospace community finds unacceptable. He’s now facing potential civil and criminal liability for putting those lives at risk, making it even more difficult to come forward and report his injuries. To add insult to injury, those who do come forward are met with gaslighting and hostility to claims of suffering since vaccination. 

Only one of the two above entities is liable for the damage the product caused. Somehow, it’s the consumer. We’ve gotten to the point where the consumer of a faulty product was forced to engage with the product and is now liable for the damage the product causes, while the manufacturer escapes liability over and over. 

While the above is just an example, unfortunately, it’s becoming a common scenario. Pilots all over the world are suffering silently, as day by day their medical issues grow alongside their liability. 

US Freedom Flyers

Josh Yoder is a pilot for a major US airline. He’s put everything he has into protecting the rights of the pilots, while simultaneously pushing hard to hold the manufacturers accountable for the chaos they’ve wrought. 

On Aug 6, Yoder was sitting in a hotel room between flights and saw a post on Facebook discussing liberty and individual freedom. That sparked a fire in Yoder, and he wrote up a 2 page summary of the aerospace situation regarding the vaccines and mandates and sent it off to Stew Peters.  On Aug 11, 2021, he appeared on Stew Peter’s show and expressed, on behalf of himself as a private individual, his dismay about the mandates that at the time were in place over at United Airlines.

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