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Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7, high-quality text-based mental health support and crisis intervention by empowering a community of trained volunteers to support people in their moments of need. Text SIGNS to 741741.


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10/29/21 – Things to Think About Before Taking the Covid-19 Shot

10/29/21 – USFF Welcomes Peggy Hall of The Healthy American

10/14/21 – Liberty Counsel and Religious Exemptions

10/7/21 – Title VII, Federal Mandates, and Exemptions

10/3/21 – Federal Contractors, Airlines, What To Expect


Letter from Liberty Counsel to United Airlines

Religious Exemption Information from Liberty Counsel

Vaccine Mandate Legal Help from Thomas More Society


“Join Us” business cards to hand out

USFF’s “Five No’s” Cards (print on Avery 5163)


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Full Harvard Study – Showing almost zero Covid transmission on planes

Notice to Employers – Vaccines

Notice to Employers – Tests

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FAQ – Tests

The Great Barrington Declaration

Additional Information–uOb3_FD-CyhKwN2jP2b8bcOQUD_7WWFa1JCZ1dsYe4Uo6ziyx1M2kI&fs=e&s=cl

Exclusive: Pilots Injured by COVID Vaccines Speak Out: ‘I Will Probably Never Fly Again’

In interviews with The Defender, pilots injured by COVID-19 vaccines said despite a “culture of fear and intimidation” they are compelled to speak out against vaccine mandates that rob pilots of their careers — and in some cases their lives.

Biblical Citizen Let’s Roll- Episode 94: Is it Safe to Fly Anymore? The Inside Story from Pilot Josh Yoder

“Failure to address this potential medical watershed will make the airlines and unions complicit in a culture shift that has rocked the aviation mantra of “safety first, always.” The airlines and unions represented have been encouraged to assist and warned of dire repercussions, repeatedly, by many of the signatories below. To date there has been little meaningful action, and in many cases nothing but stone-walling and silence.”

Steve Kirsch- American Airlines Captain Robert Snow speaks out about his vaccine injury



Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition Statement: Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury 17/05/22

18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

First lawsuit against Atlas Air has been filed

Josh joins The Conservatarian Exchange on Liberty Block to discuss who we are and where we are at as an organization. 

Find it here:

The FAA needs to step up and protect the flying public.

Any airline which isn’t screening all its pilots for cardiac issues is risking a disaster that will cost hundreds of innocent lives

“At 29, Hayley Lopez had a promising career she had worked 12 years to achieve, as an air traffic controller at one of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) busiest facilities in the U.S.

On Oct. 8, 2021, that career came crashing to a halt 15 minutes after Lopez got her first, and only, dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Lopez, now 30, shared her story, including the injuries she sustained and the challenges she experienced trying to get a diagnosis and treatment.”

More airline pilots tell of vaccine injuries and say many are still flying

The industry is ignoring the fact that it has introduced widespread medical risk into its personnel. In this programme, accomplished pilots and deeply experienced doctors listen to the medical advice that the Principal Medical Officer of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Dr. Kate Manderson, gave to the pilots of one of Australia’s airlines.

In part 1, watch a glimpse of what they made of Dr. Manderson’s advice and ask yourself whether you think the industry is fit to fly.

Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration on behalf of US Freedom Flyers. 

Check out the letter, and sign up for updates from GAAC at:

Jeff Deist & Joshua Yoder: The Airline Crisis

“I’m absolutely heartbroken,” Bowes said, “it’s sad to see that my dream is at risk over something like the COVID vaccine, which doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading COVID.”

LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: Fighter Pilot Speaks Out on Discrimination Against Unvaccinated in US Military, Live at Noon Central

Diamond & Silk chat with Josh from US Freedom Flyers

“Here is what I concluded from the study: In 2019 there were 55 published pilot deaths that occurred before the mandatory retirement age of 65. In 2020 there were 52. In 2021 there were 75. In the first quarter of 2022 there were 20. None of these early deaths were from reported accidents, plane crashes or shootings. In many of these obituaries of young pilots, the words “unexpected” or “sudden” were prevalent. Based on this raw data, the incidence of pilots dying before retirement age has increased by about 40% beginning in January of 2021. This is consistent with recent actuarial analyses from insurance companies showing a 40% increase in deaths of people who were still working when they died.”

If you run a US airline, I’m willing to help pay the costs to have all your pilots tested for cardiac issues

Break the Cycle with Joshua Smith- couchstreams ep 158 with Josh Yoder

Scorched Earth Mandates with Josh Yoder and Dr. Kevin Stillwagon | Unrestricted Truths Ep. 137

Heidi Harris Show- Josh Yoder, US Freedom Flyers on all the “flight cancellations”

An international coalition of aviation and medical professionals is calling for an end to vaccine mandates for pilots. They say the mandates have compromised aviation safety due to vaccine injuries among flight crew.

Lee Merritt MD and Kevin Stillwagon DC / former airline captain, discuss the FAA and how the covid jab affects safety of flight for pilots and passengers.

Josh warns on The Dr Ardis Show how we are not being told the truth about the massive amount of vaccine injuries and how this will directly affect your safety.

“We’ve gotten to the point where the consumer of a faulty product was forced to engage with the product and is now liable for the damage the product causes, while the manufacturer escapes liability over and over.”

Red Voice Media-

Gigantic Swath Of Airline Jab Lawsuits: Major Ramifications For Damages Caused By Bioweapon Shots

“Pilots sounding the alarm continue to be ignored. The FAA and airline executives have created an environment of medical risk-in-the-air that is not being addressed, putting airline pilots, flight crews, and passengers in danger.”

Tomi Lahren talks to Josh Yoder about the state of the airline industry

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 93: Air Travel Chaos — Is It Related to Vaccine Injured Pilots?

Pilots Are No Longer Fit to Fly After C19 Vax Mandates: The Zelenko Report – Episode 4

On ‘Radical’ with Maajid Nawaz: We speak to JetStar and Qantas Captain Alan Dana, Virgin pilot and flight instructor Captain Glen Waters, President of US Freedom Flyers Captain Joshua Yoder, and United States Airforce veteran and pilot Captain Bob Snow who are all pilots in opposition vaccine mandates for airline staff.

Airlines are Crippled By Mandates, As Are The Pilots; Josh Yoder | The United For Healthcare Summit 2022

Bryan McClain of TNT Radio discusses aviation safety with retired airline captain / chiropractor Dr. Kevin Stillwagon.

“Two strangers saved his life. He has no idea who they are, but he would like to thank them.”

(Starting at 1:33)

Josh and Cristina of US Freedom Flyers talk with Dr Mollie James and Dr Ryan Cole about pilot issues with the injections, and what the pilots having issues can do. 

“Attorney Todd Callender put together a special event yesterday. In conjunction with the US Freedom Flyers, led by Josh Yoder, they invited everyone to join a Zoom call in which numerous whistleblowers, pilots, and aviation specialists spoke about their grave concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccination program and the risk it poses to aviation and public safety. They introduced for the first time publicly a senior-level FAA whistleblower.”

“A chorus of whistleblowers alleging that COVID-19 inoculations may have turned pilots into airborne ticking time bombs seems to be growing louder. Experienced military, medical, and aviation personnel are citing increasing concerns about potential catastrophic side effects of the shots—such as strokes, heart attacks, or pulmonary embolisms—occurring during flights.”

Updated video links to the FAA Whistleblower video:

The Presentation:

The Q&A:

FAA whistleblower EXPOSES the truth in vaccine mandates for Pilots- redacted with Clayton Morris

The Dad presents: #168: The Dad is Free Flyin’ w/Josh Yoder

“Josh Yoder, one of the founders of US Freedom Flyers, joined me to discuss the latest on what’s happening to pilots and crew who were coerced into getting the jab, what that will mean for them and the flying public, and his continuing efforts to fight the Covid Vaccine mandates.”

“DeAnna is then joined by Joshua Yoder, Founder of US Freedom Flyers, who shares what’s been happening behind the scenes of the airline industry and to pilots who have taken the jab, and what’s really behind all the cancelled flights.”

Josh introduces US Freedom Flyers’ General Council Deana Pollard Sacks on Unrestricted Truths

US Freedom Flyers Co-Founder Josh Yoder warns that  countless pilots across America who were injured by the Covid injections mandated by Joe Biden are too scared to come forward about their injuries because it would jeopardize their careers. 

Interview with The New American’s Alex Newman on Conversations That Matter.

We’re still fighting! Collaboration video with Feds 4 Medical Freedom 

Josh Yoder, President and Co-Founder of US Freedom Flyers, speaks at the Gateway to Freedom Conference

Army LtCol Theresa Long MD gave her Whistleblower Testimony to the Alaska Medical Freedom Symposium in Palmer, Alaska.

David Beckerman, one of the courageous US Military Whistleblowers, shows at the Gateway to Freedom Conference how the Department of Defense knowingly committed fraud; coercing military members into taking an experimental injection.

“LIVE from Nampa, Idaho, the Idaho Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law panel will discuss medical-related pandemic policy, biology, treatments, and misinformation. Stew Peters and a group of national experts will hold a listening event on the effects of the past two years on people’s lives, their professions, their health, their families, and a solution and path where victims can find relief and healing for injuries.”

Josh joins Northwest Liberty News host James White and Author and Podcaster Ian Trottier (first hour)

“Huge thanks to the Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoft for shedding light on the vaccine injuries occurring within the aviation industry. When individuals stand together in unity we have the ability to change the trajectory of empires.” -Josh Yoder 

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