Welcome to US Freedom Flyers

Together our mission is to reverse the illegal mandates set forth by President Biden and enforced by the airline industry.

Not only are we defending the health, safety, and freedom of pilots, flight crew, and passengers, we are working to find solutions to help those who have been negatively affected over the last three years.

welcome to US freedom flyers we defend medical freedom

What We Do

Our mission is to promote informed consent and defend individual medical freedom through preserving citizen’s rights to work and travel without governmental obstruction.


We pursue opportunities to weigh in on issues that threaten medical freedom at nationwide events.


We encourage more conversation and developing a deeper understanding of informed consent as well as our rights as citizens of this country.


We fight to protect and defend medical freedom and bodily sovereignty through teaming with multiple organizations to fight back against the forthcoming Federal Mandate.


We use our national network to deploy representatives to ensure support is available when medical freedom is under attack, whether at the State or Federal level.


Help End Medical Mandates

Complying with these illegal mandates is a danger to not only our health, but freedom as we know it. Take a stand today and join us to protect our medical freedoms.