Dr. Kevin Stillwagon

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Dr. Kevin Stillwagon was raised in a chiropractic family and never received a vaccine of any kind. He always wanted to be a pilot and started flying at the age of 15. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a chiropractor in 1980, licensed in the states of Florida and Pennsylvania. He self-published a book “The Silent Killers” in 1984 on medical freedom and the dangers of vaccines and has been a medical freedom fighter ever since.

About Dr. Stillwagon

He invented and patented a thermographic device in 1985 and taught its use worldwide. He became an airline pilot in 1987. In early 2020, he saw signs that loss of freedom over covid mandates could be worse than the virus and began to speak out at his airline employer, which forced him to retire because he refused to wear a facemask as part of his uniform. He continued to speak out about the dangers of masking and vaccine mandates at school board meetings and county commissioner meetings in various central Florida counties. Many of these were videoed, so he posted them on social media, some of which became very popular. He publishes at RUMBLE and SUBSTACK.

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