Scorched Earth Mandates with Josh Yoder and Dr. Kevin Stillwagon | Unrestricted Truths Ep. 137

Interview video and article reposted from AMPNews

Major airline pilots, Josh Yoder and Dr. Kevin Stillwagon, break down the Covid vaccine fraud, exposing the dangers today in flying in America, as well as the hidden health issues that are impacting pilots and flight crews. As they explain, the number one training item they now teach pilots is how to deal with “incapacitated pilots” during flight. Kevin Stillwagon dives into the dangers of microscopic blood clots, heart inflammation, and myocarditis. He also warns against vaccinating the children, who have a 0% chance or getting or transmitting the virus, and 51% increase instead of getting injured by the vaccine. Josh Yoder explains the lawsuits in play and the need to push out the messages of this global fraud so we can end this madness.