The aviation industry is ignoring risks that it has introduced via its own COVID-19 policies.

Article reposted from Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition

The industry is ignoring the fact that it has introduced widespread medical risk into its personnel. In this programme, accomplished pilots and deeply experienced doctors listen to the medical advice that the Principal Medical Officer of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Dr. Kate Manderson, gave to the pilots of one of Australia’s airlines.

In part 1, watch a glimpse of what they made of Dr. Manderson’s advice and ask yourself whether you think the industry is fit to fly.

COVID-19 political decisions damaged the aviation industry, along with innumerable others. The industry made a choice to go along with the COVID narrative and became a willing participant in the political decisions that were supposed to lead to the way out. In doing so, it abandoned rational thought and care for aviation rules, regulations and the people in the industry.

COVID-19 vaccines are brand new and inadequately tested technology that aviation embraced instead of treating with caution. This was a fundamental mistake because vaccination is an irreversible act.

Now, we are coming to learn of the negative effects COVID-19 mRNA/DNA gene-based vaccines have on the human body. As time goes on we are learning just how little testing and scrutiny the vaccines have been subjected to and the picture gets worse.

By aviation’s own rules, COVID-19 vaccines should never have been allowed into aviation until sufficient evidence about them had been acquired. Now, they are widespread. In territories that have mandated their use, practically 100% of aviation workers including pilots and cabin crew have taken them and many have suffered various side effects and adverse events.

Watch the full video or Parts 1-3 HERE

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