Global Aviation: Fit to Fly? (Full episode)

Article reposted from Global Aviation

No one wants to talk about this. “We can’t even get a response.” Watch what is going on in the sky.

Aviation is ignoring risk introduced via COVID policies that were a way out of COVID but into abandoning aviation rules, regulations and people. Watch, learn and ask:

“Fit to fly?”


  • Dr. Kate Manderson, Principal Medical Officer, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia
  • Graham Hood, former airline Captain, QANTAS
  • Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD MPH, Aerospace Occupational Medicine Specialist, US Army Flight Surgeon
  • Alan Dana, former airline Captain, Jetstar
  • Lt. Col. Pete Chambers (ret’d), US Special Ops Green Beret Flight Surgeon, Purple Heart
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, independent US physician, President & CEO of Truth for Health Foundation
  • Glen Waters, former airline Captain, Virgin Australia

Watch the full episode HERE

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