Pilot that suffered cardiac arrest on flight deck wants to thank strangers who saved his life
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Video and article reposted from Allison Royal

Few people can say they survived cardiac arrest. Captain Bob Snow is one of them.

After serving our country in the Air Force, he became a pilot for American Airlines. He’s been a pilot there since 1990.

So, how did a healthy veteran and pilot end up in the ICU, barely cheating death?

Captain Snow says it’s because his company, American Airlines, forced him to get the COVID-19 vaccine, despite the fact he wasn’t comfortable with it and also has natural immunity from a previous infection.

Captain Snow says he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the flight deck on Saturday April 9, 2022 after landing a plane in Dallas at DFW. It was coming from Denver. It happened six minutes after he landed the plane. Two strangers saved his life. He has no idea who they are, but he would like to thank them.