Airline Pilots Fight For Safety, For Themselves & Their Passengers

In the midst of the holiday season as Christmas travel takes place all around the world, much of that travel is taking place on planes even in these strange times. Most of these planes are now being flown by fully covid-vaccinated pilots, as airlines around the world have rushed to impose vaccination mandates on their workforce.

However, with emerging caution around the risk of serious adverse reactions, such as heart inflammation and strokes, groups of pilots around the world are fighting back against these vaccine mandates. Passenger safety is paramount and many airlines are still ignoring the worrying signs.

Airline Mandates

Air New Zealand has required that all its air crew have their first shot by November 14th and their 2nd shot by Boxing Day. It has also offered its unvaccinated or undisclosed employees Leave Without Pay agreements, which require those who are unvaccinated to first use up their paid leave then go on unpaid leave. Refusal to sign the agreements meant termination of employment. The NZ Government is the majority shareholder in Air New Zealand, with almost 52% of its shares.

Meanwhile in the US, President Biden’s vaccination mandate for all federal contractors has been quashed by successive Courts. Even before the Court decisions were announced, notably Delta Airlines bucked the trend and refused to require mandatory vaccination for its workforce, stating only that monthly healthcare insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees would rise by US$200

Read the full article in the Daily Examiner.

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