An objective analysis of commercial airline pilot deaths as reported in the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) magazine since 2019

Article reposted from Dr. Kevin Stillwagon

Commercial Airline pilots are a good subset of people to look for a signal that the rollout of the Covid-19 shot may have resulted in people dying younger than they did prior to the unlawful mandate of the shot. These pilots are generally healthier and more physically fit than the average population because they must be so to keep their jobs. They undergo physical examinations by qualified Aviation Medical Examiners every six months. If the pilot is age 35 or older, an EKG must also be performed. They are restricted from being on certain medications.

The ALPA magazine reports pilot deaths every month if the family of the deceased will allow this information to be made public. Therefore, not every pilot death is included. There are several large airlines such as American and Southwest whose pilots do not belong to the Airline Pilots Association labor union as they have their own unions. Several thousand pilot deaths are therefore excluded from this study by default.

When the pilot death is reported by the family and appears in the magazine, it can be several months or years after the death occurred. This can result in very misleading information to spread over the internet. For example, in the Oct-Nov 2021 issue, there was one pilot death reported from 2019, five from 2020, and over 100 from 2021. This looks like pilot deaths escalated in 2021, but that information is false as the way the magazine reports deaths is not cumulative. Actually, there were 457 deaths reported from 2019, 467 from 2020, 457 from 2021 and 114 through the first quarter of 2022. So, in this group of ALPA pilots, there was no signal of increased occurrences of deaths as cumulatively reported in the magazine. However, there is a signal that the ages of these pilots at the time of death is decreasing. There is no way to know for sure if the deaths occurred in pilots who got the Covid-19 injection, but we do know that most of them did due to coercion placed on them by their employers and the federal government.

The method used for this study was to download a pdf file for the entire ALPA magazine, every published issue from January 2019 through May 2022. The pdf pages showing the deaths were extracted into tab delineated text files and transferred into Microsoft Excel for sorting and analysis. Since the magazine only reports the ranks of the pilots, their names, and the airlines the pilots were either working for or retired from at the time of their deaths, there was no way to know the ages of their deaths. Several hours of researching published obituaries from other sources was required. Basic internet searches were performed with the help of and to verify the dates of birth and death and confirm the airline. If the information could not be verified, the pilot was excluded from the study.

Here is what I concluded from the study: In 2019 there were 55 published pilot deaths that occurred before the mandatory retirement age of 65. In 2020 there were 52. In 2021 there were 75. In the first quarter of 2022 there were 20. None of these early deaths were from reported accidents, plane crashes or shootings. In many of these obituaries of young pilots, the words “unexpected” or “sudden” were prevalent. Based on this raw data, the incidence of pilots dying before retirement age has increased by about 40% beginning in January of 2021. This is consistent with recent actuarial analyses from insurance companies showing a 40% increase in deaths of people who were still working when they died.

In part two, I will present several physiological reasons why the Covid-19 shot could be causing these early deaths.

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