Airlines are Crippled By Mandates, As Are The Pilots; Josh Yoder | The United For Healthcare Summit 2022

Article and interview video reposted by HealthFreedomUnmuzzled

Joshua Yoder is a veteran, major airline Pilot, and President of US Freedom Flyers, an organization founded to put a stop to the illegal mandates being imposed on airline employees and the traveling public.

Since its inception, Josh has become an international figure and speaker on behalf of human rights and freedom and an aggressive advocate for his constituents. His organization has amassed an enormous following both domestically and abroad of not only transportation employees but many employment sectors.

Josh Yoder was a primary figure involved in the epic movement of the people with The People’s Convoy. It was here that he became driven for not only justice but accountability which he is pursuing through a coalition of elite freedom fighting lawyers and large-scale litigation efforts against all the major airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Department of Transportation.

He grew up on his family farm in western Virginia where he learned his incredible work ethic. At eighteen Josh enlisted in the Army and served as a flight medic during multiple combat tours. After finishing his military obligation he spent an additional eight years in high conflict zones as a defense contractor. During those years he attained his commercial pilots license and spent nearly two years flying in war-torn areas of Africa as a bush pilot. During this time in his life, he witnessed countless incidents of injustice and human degradation which instilled in him a passion for human rights and freedom.

He returned to the USA and procured a job flying for various airlines.

The government’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic was the catalyst to get Josh mobilized in preparation for what he foresaw in the coming mandates which sadly did come. He continues to fight for his constituents and freedom and is not only eyes in the sky but boots on the ground.