The USFF mission is not limited to pilots, their crew members, and aviation employees. Medical Freedom is a right that impacts all of us. While our organization is busy protecting the aviators, we do so that they may protect you.

Passengers play a major role in this fight and we invite you to make your voice heard. When the health and wellness of your pilot is compromised, it is your life at stake. While vaccine mandates for airline employees have seemingly subsided, the fallout has not.

The number of vaccine-injured pilots is climbing daily. Many are facing cardiac and/or neurologic dysfunctions that can (and have) rendered them incapacitated. The flying public is waking up and many are beginning to ask, “Should I be concerned about my flight?”

Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, recently wrote:

“…as a passenger and mother who cares first and foremost about safety, I support US Freedom Flyers because the health of pilots can directly affect the lives of my loved ones. When I learned that American Airlines has reported a 300% increase in disabilities amongst pilots over the past year, since the COVID injection mandates, I was shocked. As written in the FAA whistleblower Bruce McGray’s sworn statement, the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) data shows an 1100% increase in medical issues between January and November of 2021. Pilots are responsible for the safety of over 3 million people per day, making their health critical to the safety of passengers and residents of homes, particularly around airports. The fact is that the risks of a pilot suffering a heart attack, stroke or neurological disorder due to blood clots or other vaccine side effects has increased – and the FAA and airlines are doing nothing to prevent an enormous tragedy.

I am also the founder and director of Moms Across America, a nonprofit whose network reaches millions worldwide to improve the health of our local and national communities. We are asking the public – passengers and people who love fellow passengers, pilots, and airline staff – to please, contact the FAA and major airlines. To reduce risk and improve safety, ask them to always have one (of two) unvaccinated pilots. Ask them to implement sufficient screening protocol that can detect subclinical myocarditis and neurological issues (current protocol does not). Tell them that they need to put medical protocol in place to support pilots who have been vaccinated and may need medical care (there are treatments to reduce myocarditis symptoms). The airlines should also fairly compensate any pilot who does have a vaccine injury. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of pilots hiding their medical issues in fear of being put on disability and losing a significant portion of their income. 

Pilots take on a huge amount of responsibility each day. It is time for the FAA and airline companies to take responsibility too.”

Lily Tomlin once said, “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.

Then I realized…I was somebody.”

At USFF, everybody is a somebody, because everybody is a passenger. Do not let the potential to save lives pass you by.