It’s as simple as standing up and saying NO! When we join together, we are an unstoppable force. 

Here are a few simple ways that you can stand with us:

  • Start by filling out the Get Connected form below so we can be in contact with you. Providing your information here puts you on our contact list to receive updates on our case and organization.
  • Make a donation of any amount to support our efforts. Without your help, we can only go so far. Your donation will be used for our legal challenge against the unconstitutional Biden Administration mandate. Please keep in mind using this link allows donations to go directly to our efforts and suit.

Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about our efforts. Share this on your Social Media accounts, tell your neighbors, friends, and family. You can view all of our recent media engagements here. This isn’t just an issue affecting those in the travel industry. This is a fight for ALL OF US!

NOTE: If you are a transportation industry employee and want to join our suit, you must become an Official Member. To do this, follow the donation link and select “Yes” when asked. Becoming an Official Member is the only way you can be covered by this suit. If you would like to mail a check, you can do so to the address below. For those wanting to mail their donations, send checks, made payable to Health Freedom Defense Fund, to:

US Freedom Flyers
6528 E 101st ST Ste D1, #399
Tulsa, OK 74133

Make a note stating “USFF” on the check

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