February 22, 2022|0

His Glory TV Take Five with Josh Yoder

Josh Yoder joins Pastor Dave on His Glory TV’s Take Five. Josh gives an update on what’s going on with the current lawsuits and what will be done over the next few weeks. In addition, Josh gives an update to what’s been going on with the aviation industry. Watch Video Interview …

February 16, 2022|0

US Freedom Flyers Stand Up to Mandates

Steve Bannon welcomes Josh Yoder from Us Freedom Flyers. Leading off with the question “Is this just a bunch of trouble makers coming to DC to shut down the imperial city sir?” Josh answers no, and describes this as a united movement of Americans standing together and voicing their frustrations with the government through the power of numbers and p …

February 15, 2022|0

The People’s Convoy – Special Announcement

On Newmax TV’s The Balance, Bolling shared an exclusive announcement that the U.S. convoy has not only been organized, but that it will be cash-independent. Bolling was joined by guests Dr. Ryan Cole, pilot Josh Yoder, and organizers of the convoy Brian Brase and Maureen Steele. Read Full Article …

February 9, 2022|0

How the Airlines Play Russian Roulette With Your Safety

…Yet another pilot, who had been in perfect health, had a cardiac complication within hours of taking his first dose of the Pfizer shot. He had no idea myocarditis and heart attacks were known side effects. Thankfully, this pilot survived and is recovering. But had he been at the controls that day, the pilot in command and everyone on board h …

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