US Freedom Flyers is reorganizing with the expert legal guidance of our new Special Counsel, Deana (“Dena”) Pollard  Sacks. We need your support now to hit the ground running with our agenda to protect American pilots, airline employees,  and all people from medical mandates and other oppressive civil rights practices that have become rampant in recent years. 

It is time to reverse the trend of oppression. We are unique because we have assembled a truly qualified legal team that is capable of fighting oppressors of American freedom. Our team has indisputable expertise and a history of top-rated publications in constitutional law, civil litigation, evidence law,  and appellate procedure. A team like this is what has been missing in the fight against medical and other forms of oppression

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Introducing Our New Legal Team 

Dena Sacks, Special Counsel 

Dena was a tenured law professor for many years with a focus on constitutional law, children’s rights and developmental psychology, the history of common law,  and First Amendment law – especially as it relates to cognitive programming through advertising and repeated messages through MSM and social media platforms. Her scholarship has been published by Cambridge University Press,  Vanderbilt Law Review, Yale Law Journal Online, Fordham Law Review, Minnesota  Law Review, Washington Law Review, and many other top law journals. The Social  Science Research Network has ranked Dena in the top 10% of all professors internationally for years due to the popularity and quality of her legal scholarship and its impact on other scholars, legislatures, and courts. Dena brings her expertise and a passion for justice to US Freedom Flyers. 

Deana Pollard Sacks’s publications: 

Dana Wefer, Civil Liberties and Workers’ Rights Lawyer  Dena found Dana while seeking to correct the lower courts’ consistent error in applying the wrong constitutional test to COVID-19 injection mandate challenges.  The error has led to the wrong outcomes. Dena was impressed by Dana’s meticulous pleadings and jumped in on one of Dana’s cases challenging the injection mandates. Dena filed an Amicus Brief in the United States Court of  Appeals for the Third Circuit in support of Dana’s healthcare worker clients who were fired for refusing the booster. Dena and Dana expect to reach the United  States Supreme Court on the issue of the Liberty Clause’s prohibition of medical mandates.  

Amicus Brief: 

Read the Motion for Leave to File the Amicus Brief, which was GRANTED 

Dana Wefer’s website: 

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Law Professors Supporting US Freedom Flyers 

Dena’s colleagues of over 20 years from the legal academy are part of the US  Freedom Flyers Think Tank. These individuals hold law degrees from top 10 law schools and have published textbooks and/or top legal scholarship in their areas of expertise, including evidence law, civil procedure, tort law, legal history, and property law. The decades-old friendships among the law professors supporting the US Freedom Flyers have been perennial as these scholars are committed to human rights and have a long history of fighting for the underdog – which is now the average American facing corporate and government coercion and oppression.  

Why Are We Different – Why Should You Donate Now? Dena was hired to review the various COVID-19 injection mandate court challenges and to offer an opinion as to why the lawsuits have failed when our  Liberty Clause so clearly protects us from unwanted medical procedures absent extraordinary and clear evidence produced by the government – including evidence of safety of the procedure – throughout American history and in particular relative to interpreting the Liberty Clause’s protection of our bodies and medical autonomy. She was asked to speak at a Nations in Action conference in  July 2022 concerning the same topic and met Josh Yoder, President of US  Freedom Flyers, at the conference. Airplane crashes statistically are nearly always due to pilot error. In this video, Dena explains the unnecessary failures in many  COVID-19 cases due to attorney error. The bright side is that with proper legal strategy and careful choices in pursuing lawsuits, challengers to the government and corporate oppression can prevail.  

Dena’s Nations In Action presentation: effort-to-end-forced-vaccines-deana-dena-pollard-sacks.html 

How Will Your Donations Further Our Mission?  

US Freedom Flyers is dedicated to fighting for medical liberty and freedom from government and corporate oppression.  

Watch Josh Yoder and Dena Sacks discuss US Freedom Flyers’ mission in the courts. covid-mandates.html

Here is a sample of a few of the items on our agenda to fight our oppressors: 

1. FAA Oppression. US Freedom Flyers lawyers are investigating the conduct of the FAA relative to mandates aimed at pilots and other airline employees. We are analyzing the FAA rules and COVID-19 related oppression in conjunction with the law to determine how best to protect pilots and other airlines employees moving forward. We anticipate filing a lawsuit against the FAA in 2023 after completing a full legal analysis.  

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2. Sczesny, et al. v. The State of New Jersey, et al., Case 22:2230 (Third  Circuit Court of Appeals). We contemplate filing an Amicus Curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court after the Third Circuit rules on the pending appeal. The monumental error of adopting the wrong judicial standard of review that the lower courts have made relative to COVID 19 injection mandates must be reversed. The Amicus Brief explains it all  (see Amicus Brief link above). To view Dena’s analysis of the United  States Supreme Court cases in 2022 concerning COVID-19 injection mandates, click here: vaccine-mandate-decisions/.  

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3. Massachusetts University Mandate Case. We plan to file a case against a public university that fired the client and others for refusing to take the COVID-19 injections. The case presents a very strong non delegation doctrine issue as well as other bases to strike down the university’s misguided COVID-19 injection mandate. The outcome of this case will affect thousands of university employees and students.  

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4. CON Law Challenges. Have you heard of the egregious, anti-competition  Certificate of Need laws that exist in 35 states to squelch affordable health care options? If not, you are not alone. This horrific practice of shutting down health care options by refusing to issue permits for healthcare businesses has been kept very quiet by the media. We plan to bring awareness to these anti-American laws and to shut them down.  

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CON laws links: about-update

US Freedom Flyers has acquired an extraordinary Think Tank of expert lawyers. We have many other plans to correct the injustices that are currently plaguing America and destroying  democracy, fair competition, and freedom.  

We are at a turning point and we are about to TAKE OFF! Please donate today and be the air beneath our wings.  

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